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Supervising People with Mental Illness in Correctional Facilities $19.95
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Supervising People with Mental Illness in Correctional Facilities

Correctional professionals are responsible for working directly with offenders, some of whom have mental health issues. Although working with all offenders can be difficult at times, working with inmates/detainees who have been diagnosed with or suspected to have a mental illness can bring additional challenges. These inmates have special needs, and their behavior can disrupt normal operations and require intervention from both correctional officers and treatment staff. Being able to effectively respond to situations that involve offenders with mental health issues will better enable correctional professionals to maintain the safety and security of the facility or unit in which they are working. This course is designed for correctional staff who work in jails and prisons, particularly correctional officers. It will also be beneficial to staff working in community confinement settings. You will learn about some of the environmental factors in prisons, jails, and other confinement settings that can have an impact on persons with mental illness. You also will review some of the common signs of mental illness. Finally, you will learn some strategies you can use when supervising persons with mental illness to help them access the treatment and resources they need and enhance their safety, as well as your and the facility’s safety. Throughout this course, you will read some brief reviews of literature, review various scenarios that are based on true stories and events, and complete interactive exercises.
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Supervising People with Mental Illness in Correctional Facilities
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