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Developmental Concerns, Childhood to Adolescence $17.50
Mental Health

Developmental Concerns, Childhood to Adolescence

Childhood and adolescence are both periods of significant growth and development for humans. Although children and adolescents grow and develop at different rates, experts have put forth certain developmental milestones by which children and adolescents are measured against to help identify areas of potential concern. While it is difficult to discuss every aspect of growth and develop children and adolescents undergo, this course will provide a brief overview of common areas of growth and development based on developmental milestones as well as common factors that influence healthy growth and development. You will also learn about considerations for working with school-aged children and adolescents and communication strategies to keep in mind when engaging in difficult conversations with them. The content in this course is applicable to nurses; social workers; marriage and family therapists; professional counselors; and other professionals who work with children and adolescents.
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Developmental Concerns, Childhood to Adolescence
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