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Crisis Planning with Families

A crisis is an unstable, emotionally stressful event that involves an impending, abrupt, or traumatic change where health and safety are compromised. Having a safety crisis plan in place before a crisis occurs could mean the difference between a manageable event and traumatic or even dangerous event. This course will help you to recognize antecedents to crises so that you can respond more quickly, decrease the number and severity of dangerous incidents, and assist families to use community resources and self-sufficiency to cope with family emergencies. You will learn specific, proactive techniques to engage the family as partners in developing a family crisis plan and how to manage situational challenges that arise when developing crisis plans with families that are stressed and overwhelmed. You will also learn about the structure and components of a family crisis plan, as well as well as when and how to revise these plans. Furthermore, a number of strategies and techniques will be discussed that you can use to maximize buy-in by family members in both the process of creating a crisis plan and to follow through with it. This course is intended for entry- and intermediate-level licensed behavioral health professionals. Case vignettes and interactive learning will be provided to help you apply your understanding of crisis plans so that you are confident and capable of providing them to families in your practice.
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Crisis Planning with Families
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