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Evidence Collection, Control, and Storage 1.0 $19.95
Law Enforcement Investigation

Evidence Collection, Control, and Storage 1.0

Law enforcement officers, as part of their regular responsibilities, gain possession of types of evidence that vary widely by their very nature. Evidence may include a priceless work of art, the murder victim’s clothing, or even biohazardous materials. Such items of evidence must be held by law enforcement agencies under strict legal constraints and under the control and safekeeping of an evidence custodian from the beginning through the final disposition of the case. Collecting, storing, safekeeping, and managing evidence are serious responsibilities for all officers in any agency, not to mention, the evidence custodian. The failure of agencies to establish effective and efficient systems to gather, manage, and secure evidence has led to civil and criminal charges against officers. Additionally, not maintaining evidence correctly cripples the ability of the criminal justice system to successfully prosecute offenders.
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Evidence Collection, Control, and Storage 1.0
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